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Lohrey's short stories for $19 (pbook $33)

There has been some debate about the arrival of the Readings ebookstore platform (what’s with these internal full stops and capitalisations?). Basically I was just excited that someone was making new Australian titles available as ebooks and, as I have a Kindle and an iPad, it was fine for me – I could purchase a book and read it on my iPad.

Some of the criticism is that Bookish only works for back-lit devices, laptops, iPads, iPhones etc and you access the book you’ve bought through a web browser. It’s not designed for e-ink readers.

I must admit I have not as yet tried to read a full length novel on my iPad so I can’t attest to eyestrain etc. My hope is that there will be some kind of convergent device at some stage where you change between the two – backlit is great for colour graphics and short bursts of text (surely the future for cookbooks) while e-ink is, so far, the best for long texts.

See the whole interesting debate at Overland blog.

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