More mangling with Meanjin

The Meanjin debate goes on at A Pair of Ragged Claws here including a link to a quite funny “Arrows in your backside” piece at Crikey (which, in turn, links to other articles).

I was going to add in addendum to my piece below that Overland does put its articles, short stories and poetry up on the web, so it has an online and a print presence. Jim Davidson, in a comment to Stephen Romei’s post, says that Overland is “the literary magazine with the best track record of marshalling its supporters, sees its on-line readership as a virtual community. It is fifty times larger than that reached by its print edition.”

I also note that the Sydney Morning Herald now offers a free iPad version with a print subscription and The Monthly offers a free ebook version, with either a print or online subscription. In keeping with the good old Australian pricing policy the SMH iPad version is $18 a month or $205 for the year (including “weekend” delivery of print papers). International folk can get the electronic only for $52!

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